Our Team

Meet Latteria International Bar Staff.
We are a team, working with just one goal: offering you an experience that you won't find it easy to forget.

When we think about the concept of hospitality we want to offer, we try to take inspiration from our terrace: private, cozy, sunny. That’s the experience every member of Latteria International Bar Staff wants to offer you: a discreet, helpful and cheerful service. Always responsive to our requests, always ready to impress you.

Federico Falciani ─

Creative and dynamic, Federico always has a new idea to make Latteria's image flourish. Taking care of the photo shootings and Latteria’s digital communication, one of his desires is to be among the best bars in Rome. Ambitious yet humble, you can find him at the cash desk: always ready to tell you a story about this magical place.


Omar El Asry ─

Rational, methodical, and unstoppable, Omar always has great things in mind for his Latteria. From the project for the eco-sustainable renovation to the attention to design details, Omar gives all his soul in everything he does. Improvement is his primary objective: because it takes time and dedication to achieve perfection. Reference point for staff, suppliers, and customers, with its welcoming smile Omar makes your experience in Latteria unique.

Roberto Carta ─

Chef of Latteria International Bar and member of the Italian Chef Association, Roberto brings all his passion for food and quality to our kitchen. Former rally navigator and radio speaker, as a personal and yacht chef Roberto has learned that details make the difference. Those who taste food want the best: which is what he can offer.


Giovanni Miola ─

Giovanni is Latteria’s bar manager: the warranty behind our bar. Born in Puglia, he began his journey in mixology at the age of 16. Moving from London and Rimini, he arrived in Rome in 2018, and since then he has never ceased to amaze with his signature cocktails. Every drink Giovanni creates is harmony and balance: an experience you can't wait to repeat.

Maria Di Paola ─

Maria is our maître d'hôtel: Latteria International Bar shines also thanks to her smile. Her management skills derive from decades of experience in the hospitality industry: after serving as deputy Maître in luxury hotels and Chef de rang, today Maria puts all her know-how into the field, to offer you maximum hospitality in Latteria. Care of the customer, attention to detail and hospitality are the keywords in her work.


Sara Verrillo ─

If inspiration on a food and drink pairing is what you are looking for, Sara is the right person to ask. Born in Campania region and Roman by adoption, she begins her journey in the world of food & beverage in a food delivery start-up. In recent years she has become more and more passionate about the world of cocktail bars, until she came up with her own project: #berebenefabene (meaning drink well is good) is her motto, her passion, the concept she wants to share with all Latteria International Bar customers.

Sebastian Ranjith ─

Sebastian is Roberto's right-hand man: everything the chef asks becomes reality thanks to Sebastian’s work. After years of employment on cruise ships, Sebastian is back on dry land. And the kitchen brigade of Latteria International Bar is positively affected by his gentle and calm manner.


Lameen Kagny ─

Lameen is a driving force of our kitchen. Patient, always smiling and passionate about football, he brings his experience as a baker to the Latteria International Bar team: because when it comes to kneading, he never backs down.

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